Top 10 eBike Trails to Explore in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes in the world, making it a prime destination for cycling enthusiasts. With the increasing popularity of eBikes, more people are discovering the joy of exploring these breathtaking trails without the strain of traditional biking. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to ten of the best eBike trails in the UK that cater to a range of skill levels and showcase the diverse natural beauty of the British Isles. So, grab your helmet, charge up your eBike, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

  1. Tarka Trail, Devon

The Tarka Trail, named after the famous otter from Henry Williamson's novel "Tarka the Otter," spans over 30 miles of traffic-free pathways through North Devon. The trail follows the routes of two former railway lines, offering a gentle and accessible ride for cyclists of all abilities. Enjoy the stunning countryside, picturesque villages, and the beautiful estuaries of the Taw and Torridge rivers as you ride along this scenic trail.

  1. Monsal Trail, Peak District

The Monsal Trail is an 8.5-mile traffic-free route through the heart of the Peak District, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The trail follows the former Midland Railway line, taking you through magnificent limestone dales, over impressive viaducts, and into historic railway tunnels.

  1. Camel Trail, Cornwall

The Camel Trail, stretching for 18 miles between Wenfordbridge, Bodmin, Wadebridge, and Padstow, offers a mostly flat and traffic-free cycling experience suitable for all ages and abilities. The trail runs alongside the beautiful Camel Estuary and offers stunning views of the Cornish countryside, picturesque harbors, and a chance to spot local wildlife.

  1. Loch Leven Heritage Trail, Scotland

The Loch Leven Heritage Trail is a 13-mile, circular, and mostly flat path that circles the stunning Loch Leven in Scotland. The trail offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, as well as opportunities to observe diverse wildlife, including migratory birds that visit the loch's nature reserve.

  1. The Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex

The Cuckoo Trail is a 14-mile, traffic-free route between Heathfield and Eastbourne in East Sussex. The trail follows the path of the former Cuckoo Line railway, offering a gentle ride through charming villages, lush farmland, and ancient woodlands. The trail is perfect for a leisurely eBike ride with friends or family.

  1. The Strawberry Line, Somerset

The Strawberry Line is a 10-mile, traffic-free path that follows the old Cheddar Valley Railway Line between Yatton and Cheddar in Somerset. The trail takes its name from the delicious strawberries that were once transported along the railway. Enjoy the diverse landscape, from the flat Somerset Levels to the dramatic limestone cliffs of the Mendip Hills.

  1. The Greenway, County Durham

The Greenway is an 8-mile, traffic-free route along a disused railway line, connecting the historic city of Durham with the village of Broompark. The trail takes you through peaceful woodlands, over viaducts, and past the picturesque River Wear, making it a delightful ride for eBike enthusiasts.

  1. The Crab and Winkle Way, Kent

The Crab and Winkle Way is a 7-mile, mostly traffic-free route between the city of Canterbury and the coastal town of Whitstable in Kent. The trail follows the old Crab and Winkle railway line, taking you through lush woodland, rolling countryside, and offering spectacular views of the North Kent Coast.

  1. The Two Tunnels Greenway, Bath

The Two Tunnels Greenway is a 13-mile circular route that takes you through the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset, and its surrounding countryside. This unique trail is named after the two disused railway tunnels that you'll pass through on your journey. With a combination of tranquil woodland, open countryside, and the stunning architecture of Bath, the Two Tunnels Greenway offers an unforgettable eBike adventure.

  1. The Tissington Trail, Derbyshire

The Tissington Trail is a 13-mile, traffic-free path that runs between Ashbourne and Parsley Hay in the picturesque Peak District. The trail follows the route of the former Ashbourne to Buxton railway line, taking you through the stunning limestone landscapes of the White Peak area. Along the way, you'll pass by quaint villages, historic landmarks, and beautiful countryside, making it an excellent choice for eBike enthusiasts of all skill levels.


The United Kingdom offers a wealth of scenic trails perfect for eBike exploration. From coastal paths and lush countryside to historic railways and awe-inspiring landscapes, there's something for everyone to enjoy. These ten fantastic eBike trails provide a diverse selection of routes suitable for riders of all abilities, allowing you to experience the UK's natural beauty in a whole new way. So, charge up your eBike, grab your helmet, and set off on a memorable journey through the breathtaking scenery of the British Isles.

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